Danish design and hand crafted carpentry is the essence of Køkkensnedkeren. The minimalistic aesthetic that characterizes our kitchens, makes the elements stand for themselves but also open for personal details. 40 years of experience within carpentry has provided us with a foundation that makes us able to cut our hand crafted production into a simplistic minimum which results in accessible design solutions. The craftsmanship is preserved without compromise which shows our roots in danish carpentry traditions. Finger tapped drawers in massive wood, double veneer and beautifully processed surfaces are some of the elements that gives kitchens of highest quality.

Simplicity, functionality and creativity are important elements in the philosophy of Køkkensnedkeren. This is the reason why we create minimal and effective solutions that gives the possibility of several potential combinations. In our design, we get inspired by details in structures, surfaces, colours and stones together with the idea about seeing furniture as something sculptural in its own right, which contributes to an aesthetic and vibrant setting.

Køkkensnedkeren is proud to contribute to redeeming the dreams of our customers, while still taking care of our earth and forests with FSC-certified materials, which secures sustainable production and employment conditions. A kitchen begins with an idea, and the process of choosing ones kitchen is often driven by factors such as curiosity and desire for re-thinking. It is our vision to create solutions that fits all scales and desires in all types of homes. In this way all our kitchens reflects the different desires and personalities of our customers which makes both our customer’s homes and Køkkensnedkeren something special.